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May 31, 2013
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MNG: Tachibana Yuyuki by oyarin MNG: Tachibana Yuyuki by oyarin
App for :iconmizu-no-gakuen:
Why do i always have to draw apps in last hours fml
Also, I swear to god, I came up with his surname before the Free!'s charas appeared and I just didn't want to change his sassy surname only because sempai has it... OTL forgive me

★Name: Tachibana, Yuyuki
★Age: 19
★Height: 163cm
★Weight: 56kg
★Year: Senior!
★Level: Expert
:bulletpink: Fruits
:bulletpink: Tattoos
:bulletpink: Wearing traditional japanese clothes
:bulletpink: Boys shorter than him ♡
:bulletpink: Lollipops
:bulletpink: Junk food
:bulletpink: Swimming

:bulletblack: Big guys
:bulletblack: His definitely too manly brothers
:bulletblack: His name
:bulletblack: Girls
:bulletblack: Everyone who doesn't treat him serious
:bulletblack: Fish
:bulletblack: Chemistry, Biology and Physics

★Personality: Despite his small, innocent body and his overly girly name, Yuyuki is a type of these delinquent boys you see in manga. He screams a lot, bark and hiss at everyone who tries to tease him, he gets into fights often. A lot of people say he's like these really small dogs who are the most aggressive ones. It usually looks just funny, how hard he tries to look intimidating and it pisses him off even more.
His father taught him to respect his elders and he expects the same from everyone in his school, also toward him. He's very strict about the "senpai-kouhai" stuff and hates when people don't believe him he's already in his senior year.
There are some ways to calm him down during his shota rage and the easier is to give him some food. Pizza, burgers, anything. He strongly believes that it will make him grow taller. The other is to bring Arai Ren to him.

★History: Yuyuki was born as the youngest son of Tachibana family. His three older brothers really wanted to have a sister and made everyone be sure that the next child will be a girl. Even after Yuyuki was born, no one accepted his actual gender for a while and that's exactly why he has such a girly name.
His childhood was rather happy. He was spoiled by his mother and he feared his strict father. His brothers were bullying him but also could defend him if something happened. In school kids used to laugh at his small body, but quickly shut their mouths after he beat up some of the children in kindergarten. He also had his a little younger friend, who probably had similiar problem of having not-really-manly face and the rest. Well, they got along fast and at least for the young Tachibana, Ren quickly became his first and last best friend.
Our barking shota started swimming at the very young age. His parents wanted him to be good at sports, any sport, but sport. His brothers used to play football, volleyball and basketball, Yuyuki chose swimming. It looked more fun than running after a ball and having to work with other people. His father approved, saying that swimming is something really interesting and let his son practice as much as he wanted. It was only a matter of time when he wanted to go to a good school where he can study and swim without any problem and luckily, his sudden idea didn't meet any disapproval from his parents. Let's not talk about his siblings now, they still think it's the gayest sport ever. And so he is there, on his third year already, terrorizing younger boys. Fear the senior, my dear boys.

★Additional Info:
~He has a corset tattoo on his back
~His hair is naturally dark, but since he is a rebelious shota, he dyes it
~His brothers used to force him to wear girly clothes and call him their sister when he was small
~He secretly watches Barbie movies and his favourite is Barbie as Rapunzel
~He literally barks and growls at people when he's angry
~He chose butterfly stroke because it looked the most difficult to him when he was young, now he somehow regrets because it's tiring like hell for him.
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Norachi-chan Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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I really love his design and his face is so sexy~!!
oyarin Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Norachi-chan Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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ZiaLiaLis Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013

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